Corporate Design

Whether you are a young business or multi-national, do you know what your customers really think about you?
The identity of your business, how you portray your business and what people think of you can win or loose you sales. Corporate design includes logo design and branding, it covers colour worlds and typography as well as consistent communication across all channels.

The corporate identity is reflected in stationary, signage, advertising and any other media and touch-points where you have contact with your audience, partners and even employees.

Core Services in Corporate Design
· Logo Design
· Corporate Identity
· Branding
· Stationary Design
· Marketing Materials

Digital Communication

Does your website and online communication win you customers and sales?
Bricks and morter retailers through to online business will benefit from the experience of Signale who will identify the right online approach for your business.

As experience UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) designers we understand usability, SEO, online marketing, social media and are up-to-date with developments and will ensure your website, your online shop or your social media presence is maximising its potential.

Core Services in Digital Communication
· User Experience Design
· User Interface Design
· Style Guides
· Concept
· Digital Publishing

Strategic Consulting

Better planning takes away the guess-work and provides a road-map.
Our role is to understand the marketplace, the business and its objectives and defining the right digital strategy. From information frameworks to improve processes, interaction and transactions to effective digital marketing and budget allocation.

If your business or organisation is not achieving its full potential, if you don’t know whether you should be running direct marketing print campaigns or increasing your social media presence, Signale can help.

Core Strategic Consulting Services
· Website Analysis and Evaluation
· E-Commerce Optimisation
· Digital Communication Strategy