Chanceller Angela Merkle the Glamor Queen and Icon

Artwork Angie Angela merkle Andy Warhol

When the German Chancellor Angela Merkle first came to power there was an amazing transformation, you see this with leading politicians world-wide. In stepped the fashion consultants, the star hair-dressers and makeup artists. Her plunging neckline during a visit to the Norwegian Opera was the topic of media frenzy for days and as she became media icon where style and image was as important as politics, I create Angie as a hommage to Germany’s leading lady and the late Andy Warhol who could immortalise his celebrities.

Sometime later the American Professor Eirc Langenbacher, an expert in German politics, came across the artwork and it now graces his 2010 published book Between Left and Right which looks at the 2009 German elections and changes to the political system. It is heavy reading though has a great cover and can be ordered from Amazon.

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